Areas of expertise – We know economics and are skilled in criminal law!

We defend and advise, train and publish as specialist criminal law practitioners in all areas of corporate crime law.

We are guided by an identical belief in the lawyer’s work as a service provider and organ of the administration of justice, a common professional ethic and our congruent ideas of working with and for our clients: The client and its interests and goals is always at the forefront of our consulting activities.

We endeavour to combine knowledge and practice on the basis of our life experiences. We therefore continue to improve ourselves and advise and defend our clients based on the current status of the rapid development of the law. We pass on our knowledge through publications and presentations and are always interested in the exchange of experience and lively discussions with colleagues, entrepreneurs, law enforcement and antitrust authorities as well as representatives of the public sector.

For a first impression of our range of activities, we have included a – by no means exhaustive – list of the essential areas on the following pages.