Central Reporting Point for the German Olympic Sports Confederation

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund – DOSB) has mandated the law firm HEUKING ∙ VON COELLN Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB to perform the tasks of a Central Reporting Point (“Zentrale Hinweisstelle”). The partners of the law firm, attorney Dr. Sibylle von Coelln and attorney Christian Heuking, work in this respect for the DOSB as well as for all member organizations (“associations”) of the DOSB that have joined the reporting system.

Employees, members, athletes and third parties (“reporters”) can contact this neutral Central Reporting Point, which is particularly protected by the lawyer's duty of confidentiality, either openly or anonymously, if they observe a potential violation of applicable laws, compliance regulations or integrity rules in the DOSB or its member organizations.

The correspondence with the Central Reporting Point is free of charge for every reporter – from the initial contact to the completion of the processing of the report. The reporter will receive confirmation of receipt of his/her report within one week. The ombudsperson then checks the report for plausibility and, if there is sufficient suspicion of a violation and if requested by the reporter, forwards it to the responsible Good Governance Officer or the Ethics Committee of the association affected by the report for investigation. Upon request, the anonymity of the reporter will be preserved vis-à-vis the association; the identity of the reporter will not be disclosed. The respective association has no claim against the Central Reporting Office for the release of documents that it receives from the reporter or that it produces itself in connection with the processing of the report. The Good Governance Officer or the Ethics Committee shall investigate the matter, if necessary with the assistance of the Central Reporting Office, and shall inform the latter of the progress and outcome of the investigation. The reporter will also be informed of the outcome of the investigation, insofar as this is legally permissible, generally within 3 months of confirmation of receipt of the report. If the association concerned has neither a Good Governance Officer nor an Ethics Committee, the Central Reporting Office will convene an ad-hoc Ethics Committee to investigate the reported facts. Details on the procedure can be found on the DOSB website.

The Central Reporting Office is at the disposal of the reporter for the receipt of further information and, if necessary, addresses additional questions to the reporter resulting from the internal investigations. In doing so, it also takes into account the interests of the employees concerned and the regulations on data protection.

By contacting the Central Reporting Office, the reporter declares that he or she agrees to the data protection conditions set out here.

Insofar as the reporter has acted lawfully himself/herself, the association concerned will not take action against him/her or put him/her at a disadvantage as a result of his/her report. Retaliation against the reporter acting in good faith will not be tolerated by the association concerned.

You can reach Dr. von Coelln and Mr. Heuking in their function as the Central Reporting Office of the DOSB and its member organizations as follows:

Phone: +49 211 44 03 57 71

Fax:      +49 211 44 03 57 77


Please note that encrypted correspondence by email is only possible after the exchange of the certificate key. If you wish to send and receive encrypted emails, you would have to send a signed but unencrypted email from an email addresses that has an encryption certificate to the Central Reporting Office with the subject "Key exchange". The Central Reporting Office will respond to this email and you can send the follow-up email to the Central Reporting Office in encrypted form.

If you prefer to send your report to the Central Reporting Office via a digital protected reporting channel, please use the following link and follow the procedural steps outlined:


You can also use this link to ask the Central Reporting Office a question before submitting a report.