Tasks of the Ombudsperson of Stadtwerke Lindau GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Heuking has been mandated as external ombudsperson for Stadtwerke Lindau (B) GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiaries Stadtverkehr Lindau (B) GmbH and Telekommunikation Lindau (B) GmbH. In this role, he is a trustworthy contact person for employees of the company as well as for third parties who wish to provide information about possible misconduct by company employees.

The task of the external ombudsperson is to receive the report, to advise the reporter about the procedure and the progress of the proceedings, to pass on the report to the company and to support the company in clarifying the facts as well as in the legal classification. During the entire procedure, there is the possibility of communication between the ombudsperson and the reporter.

If required, correspondence with Christian Heuking can be completely anonymous or anonymous to the extent that the ombudsperson maintains anonymity vis-à-vis the company and third parties. This applies without restriction if and as long as the reporter is pursuing a matter worthy of protection. The reporter is not entitled to protection with regard to offensive or obviously invented content.

Christian Heuking can be reached in this role by phone via 0211/44035770 or by email at heuking@hvc-strafrecht.de. Encrypted communication by email is only possible after the encryption certificate has been exchanged between the two email addresses. Therefore, if you wish to submit your report in encrypted form by email, you would first have to send Mr. Heuking a short email to which he can reply for the purpose of exchanging the encryption certificate. Once you have received the reply, you can send your report in encrypted form.

By contacting Mr Heuking, the reporter agrees to the data protection conditions which can be seen here.