Tasks of the ombudsperson

The Purchasing Department of the BMW Group has mandated attorney Dr. von Coelln to perform the duties of an external ombudsperson.

Suppliers and their employees as well as employees of the BMW Group can openly or anonymously contact this neutral body if they observe a potential violation of laws or of the compliance regulations contractually agreed upon between the BMW Group and its suppliers.

The reporter does not incur any costs by contacting the ombudsperson – the correspondence is free of charge, from the initial contact to the completion of the report’s review. The ombudsperson checks the information for plausibility and, if there is sufficient suspicion of a compliance violation, forwards it to the Compliance Officer of the BMW Group Purchasing Department. If requested, the anonymity of the reporter will be preserved towards the BMW Group; the reporter’s identity will not be investigated by the BMW Group. It is particularly protected by the ombudsperson's legal duty of confidentiality. Furthermore, the BMW Group is not entitled to the disclosure/surrender of documents that the ombudsperson has been provided with by the reporter or that have been produced by the ombudsperson in connection with the processing of the report. The Compliance Officer shall investigate the matter – if necessary with the support of the ombudsperson – and inform the ombudsperson about the progress and outcome of the investigation. The reporter will learn about the outcome of the investigation, as far as this is legally permissible.

The ombudsperson shall be available to the reporter for the receipt of further information and, if necessary, shall address additional questions to him/her arising from the internal investigations. In doing so, the ombudsperson shall also take into account the interests of the employees concerned and the provisions of data protection law.

In agreement with the Compliance Officer, the ombudsperson may involve investigating authorities.

If the reporter has acted lawfully, BMW will not take any action against him/her or disadvantage him/her because of his/her report.

You can reach Dr. von Coelln in her function as ombudsperson of the BMW Group Purchasing Department as follows:

fon: +49 211 44 03 57 72
fax: +49 211 44 03 57 77

email: BMW-Ombudsperson@hvc-strafrecht.de

For further information please visit the BMW-Group’s supplier portal (cooperation/compliance): https://b2b-sso.bmw.com.