Position and tasks of Siemens Energy’s ombudsperson:

Siemens Energy has engaged the attorney Dr. Sibylle von Coelln as an external ombudsperson in order to establish a secure communication path. Employees and third parties can turn to this neutral contact at any time and exchange information in confidence, if they observe improper business practices or breaches of the pertinent Business Conduct Guidelines taking place within the company. Anyone contacting the Ombudsperson with such information ("reporter") shall not incur any costs. However, the Ombudsperson does not act as the reporter's lawyer.

Wherever possible, the Ombudsperson shall acknowledge the receipt of the information to the person who submitted it. Afterwards, she will examine the provided information for plausibility. She shall pass on the information to the Compliance Office of Siemens Energy, whenever such a plausibility check suggests a violation of penal law or of the Business Conduct Guidelines.

The Compliance Office shall initiate an investigation of the facts notified by the Ombudsperson by suitable units from within the company or by outside experts. In the context of such investigations, the person submitting information must remain anonymous. The Ombudsperson shall be kept informed by the Compliance Office of the progress and results of investigations. A legal assessment of the facts investigated and a specification of suitable actions to rectify and prevent irregular business practices shall be provided jointly by the Ombudsperson and the Compliance Office.

Towards the person submitting the original information, the Ombudsperson shall remain receptive to further statements and shall if necessary ask any further questions that may rise out of the internal investigations. In doing so the Ombudsperson shall take into account the interests of the employee concerned and the regulations relating to data protection.

By contacting us, the reporter agrees to the data protection conditions shown here.

In agreement with the Compliance Office, the Ombudsperson shall be entitled to involve investigative authorities.

If investigations reveal that the company has suffered any disadvantage, the Compliance Office shall initiate action to enforce any claims. The Ombudsperson shall ensure that the person providing the information remains anonymous.

The prevention of any kind of reprisals against any person lodging a complaint or providing any information shall likewise apply to any employees who contact the Ombudsperson.

You can contact Siemens Energy’s Ombudsperson Dr. Sibylle von Coelln as follows:

tel:       +49 211 44 03 57 76
fax:       +49 211 44 03 57 77
email:  SiemensEnergy-Ombudsperson@hvc-strafrecht.de

Encrypted communication by e-mail is only possible after the encryption certificate has been exchanged between the two email addresses. Therefore, if you wish to submit your message in encrypted form by email, you would first need to send Dr. von Coelln a short email to which she can reply for the purpose of exchanging the encryption certificate. Once you have received the response, you can send your message encrypted.

Contacting the ombudsperson is free of charge – from the first contact until the completion of the process!